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Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Design has a unique opportunity for international exposure.   The Orange bike was filmed for the TV series “Café Racer” on Discovery HD Theater, and re-runs will be going until the end of time. Our sponsors on this bike are Still gettting their monies worth on this bike and will for years to come   Our Youtube series has be seen by over 22,000 people (as of 10/03/2012) and more people each day watch what we do on video. You can be a part of this by sponsoring us by providing parts or techical, professional support to our bike building efforts. Not a lot of out of pocket expense but EVERYONE will know what part or profession service we use.

By participating as a sponsor, your organization will benefit from extended exposure through media campaigns and promotional efforts directed toward the supporters of Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Design.

We have several levels of sponsorship packages. You can select the level of participation that best meets your needs. This a great opportunity to sponsor and get a long lasting effect for your advertising dollars.

Please call or email us if you need more information or if you would like to be a sponsor!

Phone my cell at 727-504-3138

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